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With FocusCanvas consultants & coaches can systematise, package and digitize their processes both towards the customer and for internal use.

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Knowledge management

The knowledge and experience of your staff is probably your most important resource.

Digitize the knowledge in a smooth manner to facilitate knowledge transfer and competence development.


Use the documented knowledge to streamline and systematize the business.

Simplify for new employees and ensure quality.

Client Modules

Just as you document processes and knowledge internally, you can create client modules.

Each module contains a description, a checklist and resources (eg tools and templates) connected to the module.


Assemble modules into standardized programs that solve the most common problems of your customers.

Use the programs as a lead magnet to attract new customers; as a tool for needs analysis or as a stand-alone program, etc.

Client delivery

Use the modules for diagnosis of the problem with new customers and create customer-unique programs based on specific needs.

The customer can easier follow the work, ask questions via the platform and always has resources easily accessible.

Happier clients

FocusCanvs is designed based on principles and methods that help the customer to focus on what is to be done right now.

Increased focus gives better results and more satisfied customers.


Follow clients and employees' status in different projects in real time.

Avoid situations where the customer is not ready for the next meeting and help them proactively when they are stuck.

Follow up

Create automated rules for feedback after completed assignments, and prepare for the next sale already during the delivery phase.

Create report templates that facilitate administration at follow up meetings.

Step 1

Document and systematize your knowledge and experience in modules

Step 2

Create smart productized services by providing sets of specific modules for specific customers

Step 3

Measure1nd keep track of how your customers are doing. Learn and optimize the modules and products

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