About FocusCanvas

Our Why

Our Why

We strive towards a world where there is a clear connection between each individual's daily tasks, the goals she wants to achieve and the individuals general purpose.


We want to create the most intuitive, playful and streamlined eco system for maximizing personal and professional potential.

Our Values
A Better World

All our actions aims to creating a better place for future generations.

Stronger Together

We are happy to cooperate, both internally and with others, even with competitors.

A Better Me

We are constantly developing ourselves and inspire others to evolve for the better.

Always Having Fun

We are having fun, every day.


Our story

2018 Februari

FocusCanvas  is accepted to the Incubator in Borås

The focus is on verifying the market and customer needs before development progresses.

2017 September

Ola Rynge lays the foundation of FocusCanvas when he discovers that there is no platform that allows him to systematize and productize the consultant models he has developed.

The idea is about creating a platform for advisory consultants and coaches where they can easily digitize their knowledge, create plans with clients, and provide the client with a tool to better focus on their tasks.