Case Study

Seminars & Lectures

We often believe we can’t afford the time it takes to keep learning, but the opposite is true: None of us can afford not to learn.
The trend however is towards more and more people is leaning towards that they do not have the time to continuous learning, at least not in the traditional form of being present in physical class rooms. For educators, teacher and companies offering seminars and programs, this is a growing concern.


For companies offering trainings and seminars, there are some general challenges that has to be approached to create greater values to the participants, as well as grow their revenue, such as...

  • Participants fails to do work between sessions
  • Some parts of the course could be conveyed online
  • Participants do not prioritize physical presence
  • Participants wants to access material on demand, not at given points in time


  • Streamlined signup process
  • Add selected modules with resources to a FocusCanvas App
  • Participants has access and can interact with each other and discuss content before, during and after the program.
  • Implemented modules for preparation, evaluation and follow up.


  • Higher participant engagement.
  • Increased opportunities to activate upselling, cross-selling and recurring participants.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Generation of ideas for development of new and existing programs.
FocusCanvas Seminars & Lectures